The Sixth Commandment (No Killing)

Thou shalt not kill. (Ex 20:13)

There was no Harm in Eden

There was no harm in Eden. (Ge 1:31 compare 1Jn 4:8)

People did not kill animals. (Ge 1:27-29)

Animals did not kill other animals. (Ge 1:30)

Satan is the Primal Killer

Satan is the primal killer. (Jn 8:44)

Satan brought death upon humanity by lying about the consequence of sin. (Ge 3:1-6 compare Ge 2:16,17 and Ro 6:23)

Satan killed Job's servants and Job's ten children. (Job 1:12-22)

Satan entered into Judas to turn Jesus over for crucifixion. (Lk 22:1-6, Jn 13:21-30)

Through human agencies, Satan has long persecuted and killed God's people. (Da 7:20-25, Da 8:9-12,23-25, Rev 12:1-17)

Through widespread deceptions, Satan kills souls by robbing them of eternal life. (1Pe 5:8, Rev 12:9)

In a final attempt to steal God's position, Satan will again resort to killing. (Rev 13:4,11,15)

Sin Transformed the Earth

Sin transformed the harmony of paradise to cursed opposition. (Ge 3:17-19, Da 9:11, Ro 8:22)

With sin came violence. (Ge 4:1-11, Ge 6:11-13, Pr 4:14-17, Jer 6:6,7, Eze 7:11,23, Eze 8:17, Eze 12:18,19, Joel 3:19)

The Seeds of Killing

Hatred is a seed of killing. (1Jn 3:8-15, Ge 27:34-45)

Racial and ethnic hatred often result in mass, genocidal killing.

Anger is a seed of killing. (Mt 5:21-24, Pr 22:24, Eph 4:26)

Coveting is a seed of killing. (2Sa 11:1-27 and 2Sa 12:1-24, Isa 14:12-14, Lk 10:30)

Lying is a seed of killing. (Pr 18:21, Ps 35:11,12, Ac 6:8-15 and Ac 7:59, Mt 26:59-68)

An evil heart is a seed of killing. (Ps 58:2, Mt 15:19, Mk 7:21-23)

The Forms of Killing

Killing can be direct or indirect.

Both the hired killer and the one providing the funds are guilty of killing. (Dt 27:24,25)

Those who through irresponsible negligence allow a death are guilty of killing. (Ex 21:28,29)

Those who consent to unjust killing, no matter their exalted position, are guilty of killing. (Hos 6:8,9)

Abortion is Killing

Abortion is killing. (Ge 25:21-24, Ex 21:22,23, Ps 22:10, Ps 139:13, Ecc 11:5, Isa 44:2,24, Isa 46:3, Isa 49:1, Jer 1:5, Lk 1:30,31,39-44, Lk 2:21, Gal 1:11-16, Pr 6:16,17)

Drunk Driving is Killing

Drunk driving is killing. (Pr 23:29-35, Isa 28:7, 1Th 5:5-8)

Producing and Selling Harmful Substances is Killing

Producing and selling harmful substances is killing. (Mt 18:7)

Cigarettes and alcohol are known to cause deadly diseases.

Illegal drugs are prohibited because of their addictive, violent, and deadly consequences.

Poisoning the Environment is Killing

Poisoning the environment is killing. (Rev 11:18)

Poisons permeate the environment and maim and kill its animal and human inhabitants.

The fundamental evil of physical pollution is the mingling together of incongruent elements. (Lev 19:19)

The fundamental evil of spiritual pollution is the mingling together of the sacred and profane. (Da 5:1-6,22-30, 2Co 6:14-17)

Killing, itself, is a spiritual pollution of the earth. (Nu 35:33,34)

Influencing Others to Sin is Killing

Influencing others to sin is killing. (Ro 6:23, Jas 2:10)

Influencing Others to Fall away from God is Killing

Influencing others to fall away from God is killing. (Heb 6:4-8)

"Mercy Killing" is Killing

God is able to revive those whom the world views at the brink of death. (Ps 68:20, Isa 38:1-5, Jn 4:46-53, Php 2:25-27)

We are to trust in God's will and God's timing. (Ps 23:4, Ps 27:13,14, Hos 12:6)

Suicide is Killing

Suicide is killing someone, yourself, contrary to God's will. (Jer 29:11, Jn 10:10, 3Jn 1:2, 1Co 6:19,20)

God wants to rescue those who are despairing and brokenhearted. (Ps 34:18, Lk 4:18)

We are to Respect Animal Life

We are to respect animal life. (Pr 12:10, Jnh 4:11, Mt 6:26, Mt 10:29)

Capital Punishment is Necessary in Civil Law

Capital punishment is necessary in civil law. (Dt 19:10-13, Ro 13:3,4)

Civil law that is contrary to God's just and loving character is a reign of terror.

Lethal Force is Necessary in Self Defense of Life and Family

Lethal force is necessary in self defense of life and family. (Ex 22:2,3, Ne 4:11-14)

Notes on Ex 22:2,3

A thief breaking in at night is assumed to have murderous intent.

At night, homeowners are expected to be at home.

A thief breaking in during the day is not assumed to have murderous intent.

During the day, a thief is assumed to seek clearly unoccupied premises as targets and is, graciously, not considered of murderous intent.

An intruder who approaches menacingly when encountered, rather than fleeing, is assumed to have murderous intent.

An intruder who brandishes a lethal weapon is assumed to have murderous intent.

Lethal Force is Necessary in a Just War to Prevent Greater Harm

Lethal force is necessary in a just war to prevent greater harm. (Dt 13:12-16, Dt 20:16-18)

In a just war, God will destroy the evil enemies. (Ex 17:13-16, Ex 23:23,24, Nu 21:14 compare Ex 14:26-28, Dt 20:1-4, Jdg 6:12-16, 1Sa 7:7-13, 1Sa 17:42-52, 1Ch 5:19-22, 2Ch 20:12-24, 2Ki 19:32-37, Rev 19:11-21)

Godly counsel must be obtained in deciding whether a war is justified. (Pr 20:18, Ecc 3:1,8)

We are to protect people from evil invasion and oppression. (Pr 24:11,12, Isa 58:6)

Preventive, Spiritual Warfare is Superior to Consequential, Physical Warfare

Preventive, spiritual warfare based on truth, love, and sacrifice is superior to consequential, physical warfare. (Pr 25:21,22, Eze 3:18, Mt 5:43-48, 2Co 10:3-5, Eph 6:11-18, Rev 12:10,11)

We are not to Seek Vengence

We are not to Seek Vengence. (Lev 19:18, Ps 18:47,48, Jer 46:10, Hos 1:4, Lk 18:7,8, Ro 12:19, 1Pe 3:8,9, Rev 18:19-21, Rev 19:2 compare Rev 6:9,10)

We are to be Harmless

Jesus was harmless. (Mt 26:52-54, Lk 9:54-56, Heb 7:26)

We are to be harmless. (Mt 10:16, Php 2:15)

We are to be Peacemakers and Peacekeepers

We are to be peacemakers and peacekeepers. (Ps 34:14, Ps 37:11, Pr 3:13-17, Pr 16:32, Mt 5:9, Ro 12:18, Gal 5:22, Heb 12:14, 1Pe 3:10,11)

The 6th Commandment Proclaims Love

The 6th commandment proclaims love. (Ro 13:9)

The 6th Commandment Protects Life

The 6th commandment protects life. (Jn 10:10)

There will be no Harm in Heaven

There will be no harm in Heaven. (Isa 11:6-9, Isa 65:25, Rev 22:1-3)

Thou shalt not kill.