The Eigth Commandment (No Stealing)

Thou shalt not steal. (Ex 20:15, Lev 19:11)

Direct Theft

Taking what is not yours is direct theft.

Direct theft is a sin of commission.

Bribery is direct stealing via exploitation. (1Sa 8:1-5, Ps 26:9,10, Isa 1:23, Isa 33:15,16, Am 5:12)

Embezzlement is direct stealing on the job.

Examples include:

Large scale and "petty" theft

Falsifying expense reports

Using paid work time for non work related activities

Using resources, such as copy machines and vehicles, for personal use

Exorbitant profit is direct stealing via exploitation.

Examples include:

Exorbitant prices for necessary items - Food, water, energy (Ge 25:29-34, Mt 21:12,13)

Exorbitant wages for necessary services - Medical, dental, legal (Lk 3:14)

Exorbitant taxation (Lk 3:12,13)

Extortion is direct stealing via terror. (Eze 22:12,13, Mt 23:25, 1Co 5:11, 1Co 6:9,10)

Extort - "To draw from by force or compulsion; to wrest or wring from by physical force, by menace, duress, violence, authority, or by any illegal means." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Falsifying ownership is direct stealing. (Dt 27:17)

Examples include:

Cheating on a test

Copyright infringement


Identity theft (compare Ge 27:1-30)

Kidnapping is direct stealing. (Ex 21:16, Dt 24:7)

Slavery is direct stealing of someone's freedom, time, and effort. (compare Ge 37:23-28)

Robbery is direct stealing. (Ps 62:10, Pr 1:10-15, Pr 22:22, Jer 7:8-11, Eze 22:29, Am 3:10, Na 3:1)

Usury is direct stealing.

Usury - "Formerly, interest; or a premium paid or stipulated to be paid for the use of money." (Webster's Dictionary 1828) (compare Mt 25:27)

Examples include:

Charging the poor interest. (Ex 22:25, Lev 25:35-37, Ne 5:1-13, Pr 28:8)

Charging the family of God interest. (Dt 23:19) (compare Ac 2:44,45)

Note: Requiring a modest interest from a financially stable "stranger" is allowed. (Dt 23:20) (compare Lev 19:33,34)

Indirect Theft

Denying a rightful benefit to another is indirect theft.

Indirect theft is a sin of omission. (compare Jas 4:17)

Bankruptcy as a convenience to avoid repayment is indirect stealing.

Gambling is indirect stealing from your family via irresponsibility.

A gambler wants a highly improbable, massive profit for a miniscule investment.

Habitual gamblers drain resources from their family.

Keeping someone else's lost item is indirect stealing. (Lev 6:3)

Ignoring someone else's lost item is indirect stealing. (Dt 22:1-4)

Lazy work is indirect stealing. (Pr 18:9)

Negligence is indirect stealing. (Ex 22:5)

Paying unfair wages is indirect stealing. (Jer 22:13, Mal 3:5)

Withholding Bible education from your children is indirect stealing. (Dt 6:6,7)

Withholding help from the poor is indirect stealing. (Dt 15:1-11, Dt 24:19-22)

Withholding payments from owners by obtaining illegal copys is indirect stealing.

Examples include: Movies, music, software.

Withholding intimacy from your spouse is indirect stealing. (1Co 7:2-5)

Withholding provisions from your family is indirect stealing. (1Ti 5:8)

Withholding treatment from the sick is indirect stealing. (Lk 10:30-37)

Withholding wages from workers is indirect stealing. (Lev 19:13, Dt 24:14,15)

Withholding our Worship is Stealing from God

We owe God our worship since he lovingly created us. (Ge 1:1,27, Rev 14:7)

We owe God our worship since he lovingly died for us. (1Co 6:19,20)

Witholding our Time from God on His Holy Sabbath (Saturday) is Stealing from God

Witholding our time from God on His holy Sabbath (Saturday) is stealing from God. (Ex 20:8-11, Ex 31:13-17, Eze 20:12,20)

Withholding our Tithes is Stealing from God

Withholding our tithes is stealing from God. (Lev 27:30,32, Hag 1:2-4, Mal 3:8-10)

Ultimately, God owns everything. (Ex 19:5, Lev 25:23, Ps 50:10,11)

Withholding our Offerings is Stealing from God

Withholding our offerings is stealing from God. (Isa 61:8, Mal 1:13, Mal 3:8)

Withholding the Truth is Stealing from Others

Withholding the truth is stealing from others. (Jer 23:28-30, Eze 3:18, Ro 10:13-15)

Stealing Often Leads to Destruction and Murder

Stealing often leads to destruction and murder. (Pr 1:19, Lk 10:30, Jn 10:10)

The Punishment for Disobedience is Death

The punishment for disobedience is death. (Ex 21:16, Dt 24:7, Eze 18:10-13, Zec 5:1-4, 1Co 6:9-11, Ro 6:23, Jas 2:10)

As our substitute, Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. (Isa 53:6, Jn 1:29, Eph 5:2, Heb 7:27, 1Jn 1:7)

The 8th Commandment Proclaims the Dignity of Work

The 8th commandment proclaims the dignity of work. (Ge 3:17-19, Eph 4:28, 2Th 3:10-12)

The 8th Commandment Proclaims Restitution of Wrongs

The 8th commandment proclaims restitution of wrongs. (Ex 22:1-14, Lev 6:2-4, Ne 5:11-13, Lk 19:8,9)

The 8th Commandment Proclaims Human Rights

The 8th commandment proclaims human rights. (Isa 10:1,2, Isa 58:5-10, Lk 6:31)

The 8th Commandment Proclaims the Rights of all Life

We are not to withold food from our domestic animals. (Dt 25:4, 1Ti 5:18)

We are not to recklessly bulldoze, burn, and pollute wildlife habitations. (Rev 11:18)

The 8th Commandment Proclaims True Treasure

The 8th commandment proclaims true treasure. (Pr 10:2, Mt 6:19,20, Col 2:2,3)

Thou shalt not steal.