Dominoes and the Law

7 dominoes were standing in a row.

Someone knocked over the first and the others fell one-by-one:

1. Law - Suppose the law is rejected and claimed obsolete by all created beings. (Da 7:25)

2. Sin - If there is no recognized law, then there is no recognition of sin. (Ro 4:15, 1Jn 3:4)

3. Saviour - If there is no recognition of sin, then there is no acceptance of a Saviour. (Lk 13:3)

4. Gospel - If there is no acceptance of a Saviour, then there is no gospel. (1Co 1:18)

5. Preacher - If there is no gospel, then there is no need for preachers. (Ro 10:13,14)

6. Church - If there are no preachers, then there is no need for churches. (2Co 5:20)

7. Life - If this point is reached, then sin stands unpaid and spreads unchecked, wickedness and suffering increase, and the final consequence is eternal death. (Rev 20:14,15)

Hence, the relevance of God's law. (Isa 42:21, Rev 12:17, Rev 14:12)

In reality, it is impossible to alter God's perfect law. (Ps 19:7, Ps 111:7,8)

Even if only one sinner were to acknowledge God's law, to repent, and to accept Jesus, Jesus would still have gone to the cross for that one trusting soul. (Mt 18:12-14)